Emergency Response Guide

Dear Tenant,

In compliance with Title 19 of the State Fire Marshall’s regulations, the emergency procedures that have been developed and implemented at 199 Fremont Street have been reviewed and approved by San Francisco Fire Department. They also conform to state and local codes, which set minimum standards for protection of life and property in high rise buildings.

The safety of every building occupant is Property Management and Engineering’s primary concern. We are confident that with the specific guidelines set forth and some common sense, you will be better prepared to calmly react to any type of emergency (fire, earthquake, bomb threat or medical).

All new tenants are required to participant in life safety training and should contact the Office of the Building in order to schedule a class as soon as possible after occupancy. In addition, we would be happy to provide refresher training as well for any existing tenants.

This link is for the Emergency Response Guide which is a tool designed to assist you before, during and after an emergency.  Familiarize yourself with your work place environment, the people who work there, the building's and your company's emergency preparations and procedures. Take precautions necessary to provide for the services mentioned in this book and test them before you need them.  Every situation is different which means your response will have to differ. 

This manual is not a substitute for common sense.  If you have a question, suggestion, or concern contact your Floor Warden, Supervisor or the Office of the Building.   Discuss the contents of this manual with your co-workers.  Rehearse and walk through the procedures.  Even the best actors cannot perform well without time to rehearse the script. 

What you "need to know" in an emergency situation is reinforced by a network of Engineering, Security and Life Safety Teams that go into action once emergency procedures have been initialized.  You are the first link.  That is why it is so important for you to cooperate and follow procedures. 

Every reasonable effort has been undertaken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this manual.  However, every emergency is different.  In an emergency, use good common sense. Always use your initiative, intuition and good judgment to assure your own personal safety. 

It is very important that each tenant have an established set of internal procedures in addition to the information provided herein.  These should include:

     •      Contact procedures for after hours incidents.
     •      Emergency supplies.
     •      List of CPR/First Aid certified personnel.
     •      Internal bomb threat notification list and procedure

Material presented in this manual is intended to be simple and instructional.  Please read it and know it.  It does not cover every set of circumstances that may develop, only ones that are likely to occur.  It is the duty of every employee to know what action to take before, during and after an emergency.