There are twelve (12) elevators serving the Building


  • Cars number 1; 2; 3; 4; and 5 serve floors lobby through fourteen.
  • Cars number 6; 7; 9; and 10 serve the lobby floor and floors 14 through 25.
  • Car number 11 is the freight elevator, and will serve all floors, however freight is not allowed to be transported through the lobby.
  • Car number 12 is the shuttle elevator from the loading dock down to the first parking level, this will allow for the transfer of freight from the dock to the freight elevator.
  • Car number 13 is the parking shuttle, and will serve the lobby and the three lower parking levels.

For assistance, each elevator is equipped with a communication system, which connects directly to the 24-hour, 7 days per week lobby Attendant. If an elevator should stall, push the intercom button, and when the call is answered, inform the Operator of the situation. The Operator will notify Property Management and we will take appropriate action.