Janitorial Maintenance

Good housekeeping is a very important aspect of our building operation. We meet regularly with the cleaning contractor who services the Building to discuss performance and areas where improvement may be required. Property Management also makes regular inspections in an effort to maintain satisfactory service.

Cleaning services are provided five nights per week (Monday - Friday), holidays excepted. The cleaning staff routinely starts work at approximately 6:00 PM. They have instructions to lock all exteriors doors to each suite and to leave the interior doors as they find them (i.e., if the internal doors are locked, they will lock them when they leave; if unlocked, they will leave them unlocked).

The following items are not cleaned and/or maintained under our standard building maintenance contract.

  • suite restrooms (Private)
  • kitchens
  • Special floor coverings
  • Elevator lobbies and/or external corridors that are other than building standard
  • Suite interior glass walls and sidelights
  • Tenant improvements that require special cleaning

If you have special cleaning needs due to any of the foregoing items or if you wish to have your carpet shampooed or your window blinds cleaned, contact Property Management.
If housekeeping is ever less than satisfactory, notify Property Management. A daytime member of the cleaning staff is available to correct cleaning deficiencies that cannot be postponed to the night cleaning shift.