Furniture and/or equipment is loaded into the freight shuttle on the loading dock and moved to the B 1 level, there it is moved to the freight elevator and taken to the tenant floor. Any company moving furniture into or out of the building must coordinate with Property Management to determine procedures and to insure the availability of the elevators, which are scheduled on a first come first served basis. Such activities shall be planned for after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, or any time on Saturday and Sunday (subject to Landlord’s prior approval).

In making moving arrangements, Tenants should note in particular the Building Rule that the Tenant or mover is responsible for removing, from the property, all trash and packing material associated with the move. In addition, the Tenant is responsible for any damage to the premises or persons caused by or resulting from any acts on the part of the mover, his employees or agents. The moving company must have a certificate of insurance on file with the Office of the Building before your move can take place. Please verify with the Office of the Building for current Certificate of Insurance requirements.

Any Tenant who is planning a move should immediately call the Office of the Building so that all of the necessary arrangements can be made.

Some moves require a security guard if the loading dock gate needs to remain open while the building is closed. Providing such service will usually be determined at the time of the request, before the move is made. All costs for providing such service shall be at the cost of the tenant.