Trash Removal

The janitors remove standard desk side waste receptacles five nights per week. Trash in amounts greater than ordinary desk-side receptacles will be removed by the janitors upon request of property management for an additional charge. A waste company picks up the building trash approximately two to three times per month. The current charge for each “pull” is based on tonnage and recycle content. Any Tenant who generates an excessive amount of trash due to move-in, move-out or spring cleaning activities will be charged a pro rata share of the “pull” fee.

In a constant effort to continually improve our recycling at 199 Fremont Street, we have met with Golden Gate Disposal and added an improvement to our current system effective June 2, 2008.

We are going to change our compactor to a commingled program which will allow us to place recyclables along with standard trash in the same compactor. Standard desk garbage cans will continue to be picked up in clear liners and placed in the compactor, while recyclables will now be able to be placed loose in the compactor as long as they are not contained in plastic bags.

The janitorial staff will continue to empty your trash and your current recycling bins, but they will now change how they dispose of them when they reach the loading dock. Recycling bins will still only be emptied as necessary.

In addition, you will no longer need to sort your paper, bottles, cans, and plastic since they all will be placed in the same location. While the bottles, cans, and plastics need to be empty as before, they now can be combined with the paper if you find that is an easier process for your employees. However, there is no need to change your current process of separating the bottles, cans, and plastics from the paper if you feel the process is functioning fine.

The procedure for cardboard boxes will remain the same. Please continue to break them down and leave the boxes at the freight elevator labeled trash or basura.