Rideshare Parking

Rideshare parking permits are available from the Transportation Management Coordinator in the Building Office, and will be issued according to the following criteria:

  • The Rideshare arrangement must have at least three (3) regular participants, all of whom must register on a quarterly basis with the Transportation Management Coordinator for 199 Fremont. A minimum of one participant must work in 199 Fremont.
  • The Rideshare vehicles must have at least three (3) occupants upon arrival at the garage a minimum of four (4) days per week (Monday - Friday).
  • The Rideshare vehicle driver or passengers must present (or display) to the garage operator (City Park) a current Rideshare parking pass or permit, which must be obtained from, and renewed quarterly, by 199 Fremont’s Transportation Management Coordinator.
  • Spaces assigned to and used by a valid Rideshare arrangement, subject to a long-term parking agreement, must be surrendered upon expiration of such agreement if a request for use of the space by another legitimate Rideshare arrangement has been received and granted by the Transportation Management Coordinator.